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Hello I'm Dravjot


Superior Spider-man #31

Manly tears were shed


Christians this 4/20 be like





Robocop (2014)


Ray Kalfus - The Road to Sinharat, 1963.

i would like to read this


Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #4

manly tears

Anonymous Asked:
Captain America vs Spider-Man

My answer:


(Done this fight before a few times and the result is the same)



Your screams of protest arouse me

Yes. Captain America is a great tactician.
Yes. Captain America is an expert in unarmed combat.
Yes. Captain America is a super soldier who has peak level human physiology and has Olympic level athleticism (although he often goes beyond Olympic level into superhuman territory)
Yes. Captain America has his shield and he knows how to use it.
This is just so you know that i recognise that cap has some mad skills yo.

Spider-man is winning this with ease
Let’s see. Ranged attacks.
Cap has his shield. Spider-man has his webs
Cap throws his shield and spider-man could do one of a few things, He could dodge it with ease (he can dodge multiple bullets fired from close range by an expert marksman) or he could web it to the wall where cap can’t reach it or he could catch it. He has the speed, strength and reflexes to do this. If Cap does this then he’s lost his offensive/defensive tool

Up close and personal
Basically. Spider-man’s combination of speed, reflexes, agility and spider-sense means captain america isn’t gonna land a hit. And even if somehow he did then i don’t even know if he could put spider-man down as he has superhuman durability.
All it’s gonna take is one hit from Spider-man and it’s game over. Cap is tough but not that tough.
Even if Cap kept the shield he’s not winning.

Argue all you want but Cap is out of his league here.
And once again there is no bias or favouritism here
I’m just keeping it real.


Aquaman got Manhunterd!


This is still the most dramatic picture of someone holding a sandwich I’ve ever seen.


the only acceptable mode of transportation.

Hi I'm Dravjot I'm East Indian and left handed pretty neat huh?

I have a passion for comic books be they DC, Marvel, or Image.

I love TV and movies. Some of my favorite one include Community, Bob's burgers, Regular show, Adventure Time, Workaholics, Young Justice, The Justice League, Batman and Superman The Animated Series, and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and many more.
For movies I love Super Troopers Godzilla flicks, and way more but 3 films that will forever have a special place in my heart are The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and Paranorman. They're stop motion films there's a respect you give for watching movies like them be the reason why is because a short scene of two characters talking can take up to 3 hours to film due to someone having to adjust the posture and facial expressions of the character.

Anyways I'm 19 years old in my first year of college taking the business admin program to someday become a white collar worker who specializes in human resources. I hope you like my blog which hopefully reflects my personality so if you want give me a follow.

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