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Hello I'm Dravjot

Costco ID doesn’t mean it’s government ID

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If i got actual spending money from work, then maybe I’d enjoy summer


Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson



Family: Yeah! And Dick too!

Bruce: No

Oh boy can’t wait to see the bat family hate Bruce all the more


Operation: FUCK THE LEAGUE is a go / The Batfamily Take a Field Trip

Slightly pissed Dick isn’t here, but I’ll take it. So awesome. You get em guys, Fuck the League.

Batman- “We’re saving Damian and bringing him back and only him”
Batgirl- “what about Dick?”

Wonder Woman can go punch the walls of reality in the movie and break free of the sadness that is the DC film universe

Nope nope nope. Can’t have a enthincly diverse member in the batfam be in the comics or movies cause the all new 52 is the best thing that happened, oh ya know all those unique people were useless

Good on you Bradley Cooper, become rocket raccoon

Hi I'm Dravjot I'm East Indian and left handed pretty neat huh?

I have a passion for comic books be they DC, Marvel, or Image.

I love TV and movies. Some of my favorite one include Community, Bob's burgers, Regular show, Adventure Time, Workaholics, Young Justice, The Justice League, Batman and Superman The Animated Series, and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and many more.
For movies I love Super Troopers Godzilla flicks, and way more but 3 films that will forever have a special place in my heart are The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and Paranorman. They're stop motion films there's a respect you give for watching movies like them be the reason why is because a short scene of two characters talking can take up to 3 hours to film due to someone having to adjust the posture and facial expressions of the character.

Anyways I'm 19 years old in my first year of college taking the business admin program to someday become a white collar worker who specializes in human resources. I hope you like my blog which hopefully reflects my personality so if you want give me a follow.

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